Tips to Attract Your First 1K Followers

Tips to Attract Your First 1K Followers

No one will tell you this, but it isn’t that easy to grow a significant following on Instagram. Heck, you will struggle to build a crowd of 100 people! But, if you perfect your game, you can get there in less time. These tips will help get you started.

Buy Them

Yes! Why spend so much time trying to get the numbers on your side while you can buy them? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? It sure does, until you find out that you don’t go purchasing followers without a solid plan. Visit to read more on buying Instagram followers and how to do it right. Check out the benefits of spending your money on followers while you’re there.

Remain Consistent With Your Theme

Your potential followers need to identify you with a specific voice. See, there are more than 1 billion monthly active Instagram users on Instagram, so you have to be different. And, it isn’t difficult to do so. You can, for instance, choose to stick to humor. Your posts, therefore, will be about making people laugh. In other words, your audience will follow you because you engage them with your wit. Of course, it will be a lot easier to draw a particular crowd if you have a theme they can identify with.

Post Regularly

One of the easiest ways to lose your followers is to fail to post. People want to see something on your feed. In fact, that’s the primary reason they’re following you. Develop a posting schedule so you can have content ready at all times. Make sure that you post at least once every twenty-four hours. Remember, every picture or story offers you an opportunity to attract new followers.

It is essential to note here though that you must remain mindful about the quality of your content. Sure, you want to keep your audience engaged, but that doesn’t mean feeding it with useless posts that offer no value. Find time to create content in advance and to look for helpful ideas.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is an exciting social media platform that you should join. It can help expose your brand and earn you some cash in the process. Your job is to keep learning about what’s working and what’s not. In other words, make sure that you have a competitive edge to stand out. And when you get to 1K followers, don’t stop – keep growing your audience.