Having the Perfect Garden in Town

Got a small backyard that you feel doesn’t give you all the space you need to make your garden as beautiful as when you have all the space in the world? Don’t worry, even when you have that small backyard, you can still have an amazing garden that will be an envy of so many of your neighbours.

So, when faced with this dilemma, what do you do?

Grow the Plants in Containers

Even if you have a backyard that is small, putting your plants in containers and using handing baskets gives you the solution you need to maximize on the space. However, know what types of containers to choose from the plants. Those plants that have a wide root base need a bigger container compared to those that have a narrow root base.

Give Them Enough Space

Do not grow more than one plant in the same container. Instead, what you need to do is to have a different container for each plant. This will give them space to grow, and since the soil is limited and space as well, if you crowd the container the plants don’t grow as well as you expect them to do.

Use the Right fertilizer

To get the best out of this arrangement, use a slow release fertilizer that comes in pellet form. These plants will get watered frequently, and doing this washes the fertilizer right out of the container which means you don’t get anything out of the fertilizer you apply. Additionally, if you don’t have a way to let the water out of the container, you might end up accumulating a lot of fertilizer that might soon become toxic to the plants.

Know When to Water the Plants

You need to take great care so that you don’t over-do the watering of the plants. Make sure that you soak the plants each time you water, but remove any extra water that passes through to the saucer under the container. Some people think that making the container to sit in the water is the best way to water them, but it encourages root rot.

For those plants that are high on exposed balconies, it is crucial that you water the plants each day. With a little cool training, you can get the best garden ever.

In Conclusion

You can make your home look beautiful even in the suburban areas with a few tips and tricks regardless of the space available. Take time to get these tips so that you enjoy what the plants offer.