Getting the Best Table Saw for Your Needs

There are a few things you need to consider when buying the right table saw for your woodworking shop. But first, you have to choose one from the contractors saw, cabinet saw and the hybrid table saws.

The table saw, such as is at the heart of any woodwork shop, and you will use it several times more than any other machine in the shop because the right wood size makes the difference between delivering the task needed by the client from not doing so. However, you need to go slowly so that you get the best table saw for the task.

Here are a few aspects to check out.

The Motor Horsepower

The horsepower and the blade size are closely related. The bigger the blade, the more power you need to rotate it at speed required to cut the wood. Too little power can make the saw to slow down, bind or even stop when you are in the middle of an important cut. Therefore, it is always better to have more power than to have less of it.

The Trunnion

This is the mechanism that takes the blade up or down depending on the machine. You use a crank to control this mechanism. You also have a mechanism for tilting the blade on each side.

This mechanism determines how accurate the cut will be, so you need to make sure the mechanism is easy to use and well built. You don’t need to have super strength to tilt the blade at all. As the time goes by, you might find yourself struggling harder to tilt the blade, which could be as a result of lack of lubrication or sawdust contamination of the gears.

Table Size

You need to choose the saw depending on the size of the table. The flatness of the table determines how accurate the cuts are, which requires you to check the flatness of the table with a gauge from time to time.

The larger the table, the better the performance of the saw blade. You also get to handle larger objects because you can support the piece and have the space to handle the task.

The Conclusion

The saw blade is one of the top tools you need in your woodwork shop. Take time to understand the various aspects to look out for when choosing the right saw blade so that you enjoy the best out of this tool.