How Gym Instructors Are Using Instagram

Leading a healthy life is an aspiration of many people but to most of them, it is a just a dream that never becomes true. Some plan to diet but leave the schedules midway and crush all their dreams of having a fit body. Workouts are very crucial when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping yourself strong to avoid diseases. Some people start exercising at home but lose the drive midway or lack someone to motivate them along the way. Gym instructors play a very crucial role and they are as well using online platforms to promote their brands. The following are perfect ways on how you can use Instagram as a gym instructor

Sell workout guides

There may be free workout guides on the internet but that does not mean that people will not buy your stuff. Free guides may leave out certain techniques and this is where you can cash in. Watch many free guides on the internet and discover areas that they are not covering enough and make an edge on it. Make different guides for beginners and professionals to ensure that everyone gets the right training. Ask friends and experts in this area to review your guides before you make them available for sale.

Look for sponsors

There are thousands of companies that are in the physical health sector and they might be looking for someone like you. Such companies will be willing to pay you to use their products or even recommend others to do the same. With a good social presence, you are likely to attract huge following which will make big brands to start hunting you. Some of the things you can do are demonstrations or even some behind the scenes photos and videos while working out. Ensure that you sign legal contracts and understand their terms before you start promoting other people’s products.

Interact with your followers

    1. You are likely to miss business chances if you do not have good communication channels. Most people are on social media which makes interaction very easy. With an Instagram account, you can chat and engage your followers and answer any burning question that they may have. If you are a good instructor, your schedules will be somehow tight leaving you with no time for social interactions. The only solution will be using a top bot for Instagram – reviewed by SWS Mag to avoid failing on either of the sides.