Three Benefits of Wearing a Watch

Three Benefits of Wearing a Watch

With the emergence of smartphones, people tend to forget about their watch. After all, it may be a hassle for them to even wear it nowadays. However, there are still a few reasons as to why you should wear a watch:

Overall Functionality

A watch has a longer battery life than a smartphone’s, allowing you to check the time even if you go out for long without a charger. Not only that, but watches also have other functions besides displaying the date and time. One feature is the chronograph, which enables it to function as a stopwatch. You may argue that a smartphone also has a stopwatch, but you can access your watch’s much faster. Lastly, there is also the moonphase, which shows the lunar phase.

Less Disruptive

Most people who check their phone only to look at the time end up being wasting time on other activities. After all, a phone can be quite distracting with all its applications and features. Meanwhile, if you have a watch, you are less likely to shift your focus away from what you are doing. Thus, a watch’s sole purpose makes time checking simple, unlike when you open your phone.

Another reason to check the time with your watch is that it is less disrespectful when you are in conversation with someone. Bringing out your phone to look at it is often seen as a rude gesture, but a quick glance towards your watch is not. Thus, it helps if you have one in case you need to meet your schedules while you interact with others.

Good Impression

Wearing a neat, formal watch can improve someone else’s impression of you. It compels them to take you more seriously than they would if you did not have one. After all, it gives you the look of a businessman, as it is an accessory that signals success. So if you have appointments in your work, wear a watch. You may not notice it, but it affects how others perceive you.

If you intend to purchase a new one, make sure that it does not look either too simple or overdone. Perhaps a bit of shine under the light and a metallic color. If you are unsure where to purchase a watch, then check out, since they offer only the best.


A watch comes with benefits that a smartphone does not have. It is functional, less disruptive, and it gives people a good impression of you.