Converting the garage is a good way to add space to your life

6 Dec 2016 admin

We all love to expand our space to live more comfortably. Though it is not possible to expand your space beyond the fences, you can always think out of the box to make innovations within your house premises to increase the space. And one such way is through converting the garage of your house. According to experts on property, garage conversion to add to the living space can increase your house’s value by as much as 10 percent. Especially if you are no more maintaining your car and the garage where you used to park the vehicle once has become a dumping ground instead, it is always better to convert it so that it can be used more effectively.

Using the garage space for something more useful stops you from eating up the open space which could make the property look more congested. Instead, why not execute all the innovative things you have thought out by using the garage space? You can use it as a family room, a guest bedroom or a playing room or utility– the way you feel it. For more on garage conversion, refer Dg Constructions.

Types of garages:

There are two types of garages that we see: attached and detached. And each has to be dealt in distinct ways.

Attached garages are in continuity with the main house building and converting it is an easier thing to do since it is accessible from inside the residence.

Detached or separate garages can also be converted but the procedure will be longer since it will require separate planning permission from the civic authorities and also after getting the permission, you will have to do extra construction and building work for conversion.

A standard-size garage can give an extra space which is big enough to use purposefully. You can also use it to extend the existing kitchen or hallway, depending on your house’s layout. In case you have a double garage space, then the opportunity is even bigger.

Checking the legal aspects

It is important to check whether there are restrictive legal clauses on altering the external appearance of your house. Consult the local civic authorities about it and obtain the permission required to undertake such conversion. Carry out the steps required so that the official inspection gets done before the work begins. The authorities will be taking note of things like fire safety, ventilation, structural built, damp-proofing measures, etc.

Some ideas on garage conversion

Extend the kitchen: If the garage space is adjoining the kitchen, you can always extend it and make the cooking and eating experience more comfortable and fun-filled.

Make it a children’s space: You can make the garage space into a playing room for the kids. This will mean your children’s toys and other sporting equipment will not remain scattered throughout the house ensuring that you have less hassle in maintaining the cleanliness.

Set up a study room: The extra space can also be turned into a study room, especially if its surroundings are quiet. Keep your books there, set up a cozy corner for reading and also entertain your guests there.

Making a home office: A garage space is idea to set up a home office for it is generally isolated from the private areas of the household and also can have its own entrance for outsiders.

Can be a dining room: This is another good way of converting your garage to give extra space to your family activities.