Ten Popular Essential Oils and Their Medicinal Uses

Essential Oils can be used by different methods of application. The most common method of disbursement is an oil diffuser.  This type of machine uses the oil and water to create a steam and permeate throughout the air, cleansing people through their sense of smell. For example, it can be used for a headache or a stuffy nose.   Another method of using essential oils is through use on the skin as a massage oil or “rub”.  When oils are mixed with a base or “carrier” oil, it can be massaged into the body to help the physical and mental being of a person when used for aching muscles or even depression.   The third use for essential oils would be for medical purposes, such as a cut or wound. When essential oils are applied as a compress or as a salve, this type of medicine can help keep the wound infection free and help heal. In this instance, 2, 3, or even 4 or more oils can be combined to create the healing combination that is needed.

Here are ten of the most common essential oils, with their medical use in no particular order. 

Lavender – Used for relaxation.  Can put directly onto a pillow or in a diffuser.

Chamomile – This oil is used to help promote restful sleep.  It can also help with colds or flu symptoms.

Tea Tree – This essential oil is very strong and must be diluted.  Tea Tree has been used as an antibacterial antiseptic, calming psoriasis spots and even head lice.

Peppermint –This oil is effective for mood boosting, clogged nasal passages and repelling spiders and mice.

Orange – Another mood and energy booster. Also for cell regeneration, immune system, and digestive tract. 

Eucalyptus – Used alone or with menthol for head colds, stuffy noses, and bronchitis.

Patchouli – Used to treat skin and hair disorders. 

Rosemary – Known for its antiseptic properties, this essential oil was used during the Civil War to keep infections down and assist in wound healing.

Clary Sage – Used as an antidepressant, for stomach aches and digestive problems.

Ylang Ylang – Helps with congestion, calming, and skin ailments.

Medicinal essential oils are on the front page of many medical journals, magazines, and websites.  People are beginning to realize the benefits of using oils and the many ways they can be used. Doctors are implementing them in treatment programs.  The beneficial uses of these essential oils are limitless.