Why Gated Communities have become so famous in the recent past.

Choosing the right type of house can be a stressful exercise to many people given that there are a wide variety of residential homes in the market today. A Gated Community is one form of residential houses which receives differing interpretation depending on factors such as prejudgments, pieces of advice or personal experience of the person in question. Some of the major advantages of residing in a Gated Community include:

  1. Most of these communities have perimeter walls with one or two gates which reduce interference from unwanted people. The residents can also contract a security firm which ensures that there is clearance before entering the compound. In some cases, the residents can use security passes which ensure that visitors have to be accompanied by a local so as to get into the premise.
  2. A sense of belonging.Living in such a neighborhood brings the residents together to form a society that can grow together socially and economically. Children can interact and play together in the common areas without necessarily leaving the compound. The locals can participate in tournaments such as tennis, swimming, racing and basketball to strengthen the bond between them.
  3. Shared costs. Those who live in such neighborhoods share the cost of lighting in common areas, maintenance of social amenities and security charges which make the overheads low. In other forms of housing such as single homes, the owner shoulders all the costs from landscaping, repairs, security, renovations and upgrades.
  4. Access to recreational facilities.Some Gated Communities have fully equipped gyms where residents can work out and keep fit.  Others have swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts and fishing areas that are only accessible to locals. Some of these facilities are very expensive for an individual to acquire and maintain but a group of people can quickly obtain them.
  5. Privacy. When compared to condos and townhouses, Gated Communities offer more privacy. In some cases, the gated community has a personal playground, parking area and kitchen garden which lacks in condominiums. Space is also larger when compared to a townhouse, and the kids can play comfortably.
  6. Exclusivity and social class.Many people view this form of residential setting to be for the affluent and those with a status in the society. In some cases, living in a neighborhood indicates that you have are of a particular class.
  7. Controlled development. The planners decide on designs and type of house to build so as to make the place uniform. Poor planning can lead to problems such as poor drainage and transport networks. A planned development prevents such problems by laying out architectural plans that the locals should adhere to during construction process.


  • Community rules. The rules and regulations in such a neighborhood can be annoying. Some communities have regulations on parking, entry hours and trash disposal among many others.
  • Lack of freedom. In some cases, you cannot decide on the design, paint of your house, flowers and lawn management as you have to stick to preset guidelines. Such guidelines can reduce one’s creativity and chances of advancement.

Living in Gated Communities have a lot of benefits that exceeds the cons. Visit http://www.hopevalleyresorts.com/  to learn more about this type of housing.