Product Review of Cayman GT4 Titanium Exhaust

Cayman GT4 Titanium Exhaust is a product of Akrapovic to take driving experience to another level. Cayman GT4 Titanium designed to correct errors in former versions and to enhance our driving experience. Thanks to Akrapovic engineers for their commitment to improving on the Exhaust. These are some of the features added to this latter design.


 Cayman GT4 Titanium Exhaust is made with titanium to reduce weight at the back axle of the vehicle. Now with less weight, it is easier to increase the speed of the vehicle.

Strength and Ruggedness

Cayman GT4 Titanium Exhaust is designed with the latest technology that makes it stronger and increases its lifecycle. Its resistance to heat makes it matchless with other product in the market.

Power and control

The handling of the vehicle has been increased through the design of the gas flow by enhancing the power and torque of the vehicle. The backpressure has been reduced with the addition of more linear power curves and by this enhances the control of the vehicle. It also contains a new dual-mode exhaust flap system, which now helps improve on the echo of the exhaust

Performance and Responsiveness

The latest technology used in the design and development of the Exhaust has helped to increase the performance and responsiveness of the vehicle. By this, it has been able to give the driver a memorable experience. It has also made it possible for the compatible vehicle to participate and do well in racing sports like formula 1 and others 


It has three mufflers that help to reduce noise and gives a comfortable sound, which now makes driving easier, and by this help control noise pollution.

Sound Control

It now contains a voluntary Akrapovic sound kit that helps to control the sound of the car right from the dashboard or from the new Smartphone app (ios and android). It has three buttons (On, Off, and Auto) on the dashboard, this helps to change the levels of sound from a loud sportier mode to a quiet cruising mode by using the sound remote controller or the Smartphone app.


With all these new features, the cost of Cayman GT4 Titanium Exhaust cannot be compared with those of its competitors. It can be purchased at a price under $10,000.

Availability in the market

It part can be easily gotten without stress, purchase, and fix at a lower price. It is available in the market and can be purchased from Focus Motorsport. They are experienced in selling, installing, and upgrading of various sporting vehicles and their parts.

The best is here, try this today and enjoy a memorable and pleasing driving experience. It is easy to install, less weight, more power, and strength, easy to control, ruggedness and more. Enjoy a design from the experience ones and you will never have a course to regret.