Ladders 101- Your Guide to Choosing the Right Ladder for Your Home amongst Numerous Varieties

26 Oct 2016 admin

Ladders are available in all sizes and various designs. They are made in wood, metal, or fiber material. The most commonly ladders are the metallic ladders. They are robust and do not rust under variable weather conditions. However, when working in a power laden area or with electricity, it is ideal to use a wooden ladder as it has a grounding effect, and lets you work safely. Different kinds of ladders are manufactured to suit even and uneven surfaces.

How to choose the right ladders?

Check whether the ladder can take the required amount of pressure, weight, and environment in which the work is going on. As per your requirement, you must also choose the length and the design of the ladder. There are different types of ladders, such as, step ladders, articulated ladders, mobile ladders, combination ladders, single ladder, and many more varieties are available.

Using different types of ladders

  • An articulated ladder comes with adjustable hinges and can be used in several environments
  • It is a combination of three ladders attached with hinges and bolts
  • Never modify the dimensions of any ladder while standing on it
  • Always clean the ladder so it becomes slip resistant
  • Never use these ladders on ice, snow, or moist areas
  • A combination ladder is mobile and portable; and can be used as a step ladder
  • Never tie any other ladder with another type of ladder to increase its height

Care for ladders

Though, they are easy maintenance, they must still be cared for so they do not catch dust or damage in any other condition. Never expose ladders made of any material to extreme heat or fire. When ladders start corroding, stop using them. Never use a cracked or a broken ladder, as they might not withstand pressure. This is something to respect with regard to using and maintaining ladders.


All ladders come with safety precautions, set-up instructions, and are also certified. Buy ladders that are certified by ANSI so you stay safe while using a ladder.