What To Look For In Minivans For Disabled Persons

Being disabled in the 21st century has become less of an issue because more and more companies, stores and buildings are doing their best to ease access for all those with locomotors problems and ensure they are treated like any other person. There are also many possibilities for those looking for minibuses for the disabled as a great deal as auto dealers are making their vehicles friendlier for all users. And if you are looking to rent or buy a minivan for such purposes, here are some things you need to consider:

“One size” does not fit all

Like with clothes, there is no way a “one size” minibus for disabled persons will fit the needs of any of its clients. However, it all starts with the problem – are you going to be a driver or a passenger? Starting from this, there are numerous features that can be added or removed in order to ensure the maximum space and protection for people with disabilities.

The side entry

This one should be particularly designed for the driver with disabilities and should allow a deploying ramp in order to ensure easy access at any time. The best thing about this feature is that the specially designed wheelchair van ramp can be manually operated or powered by a button, depending on the needs of any driver.

What about the rear entry?

Rear entries are mainly used by passengers with disabilities, but are also ideal for those who want to park their vans anywhere, including garages. Again, the doors will have to be adapted according to the client’s needs but will also have to ensure easy access, thus feature a similar deploying ramp.

The interior

Once the exterior doors are all settled, the next most important feature of any minibus designed for disabled persons is the interior. It should be roomy enough and not feature any couches or car seats. Car seats or special couches are recommended only if the minibus is big enough to effortlessly carry at least two passengers in their wheelchairs. For those with larger families, jump seats are the best available option for minivan interiors. These are easily foldable chairs that can be lifted down when no wheelchair passenger is inside or lifted up to allow enough space for a wheelchair to comfortably sit inside.

There are numerous ways to personalize a minibus for disabled persons, but you can always opt for specialized companies offering this kind of support if you only require one occasionally.