Can Opener – An Ultimate Buying Guide To Follow Before You Buy One

A can opener is a very important instrument required in the kitchen. It allows you to open the metal lids of the container without causing any harm yourself or other people. It also ensures that the ingredients of the container are not contaminated by the metal can and prevents the contents from spilling. It comes in both electric and manual option. It is your choice to keep it in a kitchen cabinet or fix it at a certain place.

Manual Can Opener

This requires you to turn a wheel that will expose the can to a sharp blade and thus remove the top. These can be of two types:

  • #1 Can Openers – It is heavy duty and can be used to open many cans in a day.
  • #2 Can Openers – It is light but can open fewer cans per day.

The manual can opener comes with the benefits of being operated even in the absence of electricity. Plus, it also comes in a portable size.

These can further be divided into 4 types:

  • Vintage – Made up of metal, small in size and is inexpensive.
  • Handheld – Made up of metal or plastic, medium in size and is inexpensive.
  • Wall mounted – Made up of metal or plastic, medium in size and is moderately expensive.
  • Keychain – It is small in size, inexpensive and has limited

Electric Can Openers

These can be used just with the push of a button and thus are very convenient. They can be used for a variety of can sizes.

These include:

  • Electric countertop
  • Handheld and cordless electric
  • Under-the-counter electric
  • Commercial electric

Heavy duty electric can openers are also available which can be used to open a large number of cans per day.

How to maintain your can opener?

Choosing the right can opener isn’t all you have to do, maintaining it is also crucial at the same time. The Can Cutters must be regularly cleaned to avoid rusting. Knives and gears must be changed from time to time to get enhanced performance. The edged of knives are a little blunt on purpose to prevent metal cut, so they must not be sharpened.

A can opener is therefore very important tools for every kitchen, restaurant or any similar place. Choosing the right can opener is important to help save you time, comfort and money. With proper care and maintenance, can opener can be used for a very long time.

Keep The Tools In The Right Storage

Tools like screwdriver, pliers, hammer, wrenches and many more are the great utility tools which are used at the work place and in the house. But it is generally seen that tools are lost as you do not keep them at proper place. Every time you need any of the tools you have to search for it in cabinets, storage boxes and here and there in the work area or house. Hence, you need to have the right storage solution for your tools so that you can easily locate the tools on your need. Tool box or tool chest is the perfect solution for storage of the tools.

Storing the tools in the DIY Tool Chests helps in keeping the tools in a well organized manner so that every time you need a tool you will be able to access it. It also adds safety to the people from getting hurt by the tools.

Designer tool chests

There are different designs of tool chests available in the market. Depending upon the type of tools needed by you, you can select the design of the tool box. For storing small tools only, small tool chest is sufficient, but if you want to store heavier tools then you probably need to have a bigger tool chest. You can have the closed chest or the open chest. In the range of closed tool chest, you can find the storage boxes with hard covering and the soft covering. The hard covering chests are useful for providing protection to the people around the chests from getting hurt by the tools while the soft covered chests are helpful for the traveling purpose.

Tool chest with rollers

This is the design of tool chest that makes its easier for the chest to move from one place to another. Hence, you do not have to hold the heavy tools in your hand and move. Rollers are available in the bigger tool chest only for effortless movement of the tools. Cabinet style tool chests also have the rollers so that you can easily move the cabinet any where you want.

Choose the right materials

There are metallic chests and the wooden chests for storage of the tools. Depending upon your choice, you can buy the right chest for your home or workplace. Wooden chests are ideal for the home as they are stylish and you can get its surface matched with the other cabinets in your house. Metallic chests are suitable for the workplace as they are durable and strong.