Enhance Your Security With Plate Carriers

Plate carriers are one of the major armors of the police men and military men. They are used for protecting as well as carrying a few of the essential weapons and supplies like gun, water and many more. Plate carrier is worn on shoulder and has numerous pockets in it which allows the wearer to carry the necessary belongings easily. The best part of plate carrier is that it allows access to the belongings like guns, water etc. immediately as and when required. This is one of the major reasons behind the increasing popularity of the plate carriers.

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Check the material used for making the plate of armor

If you are stepping forward to purchase the plate armor then you must consider the material of the armor. Plate armor is made of different materials, thus you must know the pros and cons of different materials before purchasing one. Some of the materials used for making the plate armor are listed below –

  • Ceramic armor – it is one of the best armors as it effectively stops the bullet from reaching your body. Ceramic armor is quite light as well as strong due to the material used in its construction.
  • Polyethylene armor – these types of armors are made from quite tough polyethylene.

Know the weight of the plate armor

Weight of the armor is one of the important considerations while purchasing the plate carrier as if the armor will be too heavy then you will not be able to walk or run at your maximum speed. On the contrary, if the armor will be too light then it might not provide effective protection to the wearer. Thus, it is advisable to purchase the armor that is of adequate weight neither too heavy nor too light.

Ensure that armor offers proper protection

One of the major functions of the armor is to protect the wearer from the bullet. Armor should be hard and dense enough to stop the bullet from penetrating and reaching your heart or the body. If the plate carrier is not able to stop the bullet then your life will be at danger.

Select between hard armor and the soft armor

Plate carrier can be easily divided into two types namely hard plate carrier and soft plate carrier. Soft plate carriers offer more flexibility as they are light in weight and design as well as material from which they are designed provides protection to the wearer by restricting the bullet to penetrate inside the body. On the contrary, hard plate carriers are quite heavy in weight as well as thick. They are made quite thick in order to ensure that the bullet does not penetrate. It might be difficult to carry these armors.