Reduce The Amount Of Infrared Rays Entering Your House

With the advancement of time, many advanced products have been developed that reduce the day to day problems of the people and make the life easier. Double glazing glasses are one such product. Double glazing windows help you to reduce your electricity bill as they are energy efficient and trap the heat inside the room thus keeping the room warmer for the longer period of time. The best part of the double glazing windows is that they are available in the wide range of design and the style. Thus, you can select the one that suits the décor of your house. In addition to installing the double glazing glasses you can also opt for window tinting. If you want to know more about different window treatments you can visit

Opt for window tinting

In the process of window tinting, a thin film which is made of polyester is pasted on the window of the car or the house in order to prevent the heat and the sunlight from entering into your house. Generally, dark colors like brown, black etc. are used in the process of tinting, but different colors like orange, green etc. can also be used. You can see the tint of these colors on the window of the shopping mall, studios, apartment etc. There are various types of window tint films available in the market. Some of them are listed below –

Ceramic tint film – they are one of the best tinting films but are quite expensive as well. These films do not contain carbon, metal or dye but on the contrary contain a ceramic particle which is non metallic as well as non conductive. These films stop around 45 to 50% of the infrared rays which enter your house through your window. The best part is that these films do not interrupt with the functioning of the GPS system, cell phone, radios etc. from inside of the house.

 Dyed tint film – it is considered to be the economical option, as it is quite lower in price. These films are basically used for better appearance. If you want little privacy then Dyed films are the good option as they look opaque and black from outside, but provide visibility from inside. One of the major drawbacks of the dyed film is that they fade away with the passage of the time.

Carbon tint film – it does not contain any sort of metal and thus there is no issue with the use of radio transmission and the cell phones. In addition these films deliver quite good results. These films block around 40% of infrared rays that enter your house via window. The best part of these films is that they do not fade with the passage of the time.

Metalized tint film – from outside the metalized window film offers the shiny appearance. These films are more scratch resistant in comparison to the dyed films. Major drawback of the metalized films is that they interfere with the functioning of the GPS system, cell phones etc.